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Custom Lantern

Just wanted to share one of my favorite new things about my renovated kitchen. This light fixture actually used to be just a lantern that hung from the ceiling on a hook. I used remote control pillar candles and the glow on the old bead board ceiling was hauntingly beautiful. In the new kitchen, I had a new bead board ceiling installed and painted it a custom blue color. It was a difficult decision---I wanted to keep the lantern but needed the extra light so I had it wired for candelabra bulbs. I had to find used parts that fit perfectly and took it to my electrician. He expertly wired it and now I get to have the comforting look of my old lantern in my new kitchen. It took a little doing with having to match up the paint and antiquing the stem of the electrical parts. Sadly, I did lose the glow of the pillar candles on the ceiling but my daughter had the marvelous idea of moving another lantern to the counter top with my pillar candles so I could replicate that also. I'll have to send that in another post. So be inspired! This is an easy way to bring a comforting glow to any area of your home--kitchen, bedroom or bathroom are 3 of my favorite room choices for this.

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